Monday, November 29, 2010

Random Happiest Moment at the Han River

Yes, that's right! I had a random happy moment at the Han River a few weekends ago. It was after my trip to Samcheondong where I met up with JH. I requested he take us to the Han river, since the weather was still tolerable and well I didn't feel like heading straight home.

First, JH grabbed some grub from one of the convenience stores next to the river. He tends to be very camera shy and this time I turned it into a silly game.

After waiting an enormous amount of time for his fried chicken, he ate it and we were on our way to explore. This was the part of the Han river that is near the Banpo bridge.

 Play area for the kidlets~

The Han was looking low and pallid, but still gave us that great presence. JH took my picture and I acted out in my happiness.

We meandered are way towards the bridge.

On the way we found Seoul's good friend Haechi. Actually, this "bench" was more like a see-saw, that you could go up and down with.

Sorry, Haechi but there is already one animal that I love (Tom).
From there we took a look at the lower-bridge that accommodates pedestrians and cars.

If you are frequent person to this bridge I would say look out, especially if you cross at night time. We found a hole in it.
We didn't go very far but as we walked JH noticed some writing on a post. He translated it to that there was a couple that often frequented this bridge. This was a happy memorable place for them. The writer (we don't whether they are male or female) wrote that they knew the relationship wouldn't last. But the breakup was hard. A few days later they came back and wrote that their memories are starting to fade. Goodness! It was romantic and so dramatic. 
Plus it made the feeling at the spot seem so special. 

Well my time is waning here in South Korea. I've got just about a week left before I head back home for my 3 month vacation. (Yes, you heard me! And I'll be back.)

This moment at the Han, I think I felt so free. I don't want my life in Korea to end, and it isn't, but I know that I am finally going to be home for longer than just 2 weeks. The past 2.5 years have been in Korea and it has consumed my whole being. Let's just say that this vacation is welcomed and I am looking forward to the objective reflection it will offer.


  1. From what I can tell from your photos, it seems that your boyfriend is just as obsessed with taking photos of you as mine is of taking photos of me... I realized I have 13,000 photos now on my hard drive and way to many of them are of myself. It's like having my own personal photographer...

  2. Glad to see u enJOYing urself!
    what r those bubble looking structures under construction on barges (?) in the river?

  3. Yea...well he just doesn't let me take enough photos of him. So I try my best to catch him.

    Mom ~ those are new "Floating restaurants" being built. They will eventually be floating in the middle of the river.


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