Friday, October 22, 2010

Teachers Went Hiking

Let's all just put the stress of everyday life away and go into the woods. Because that is what I did with my fellow teachers on Wednesday. It was the obligatory "hike the mountain" day. I didn't really go all the way up and instead stayed around the bottom exploring.

As you can see it was really beautiful and made for a great fall afternoon. The name of the mountain was Cheongyesan, which was a swift bus ride away from the school.

I made my way up a hill and when I got to the top there was a path with a farm beyond it.

To the right of this was a large outcrop of boulders. I climbed this and found myself a nice little spot to relax. It reminded me of hiking trips I would take in the hills of Berkeley.

When I made my way back to the start of the trail I walked past the farm. I saw this bug in the path, which turned out to be dead. Then I admired the farm and the people tending to it. In the distance there was music playing, which sounded like a choir. It permeated over the whole swath of the farm. As the farmers beat some materials the music seemed so soothing. I made a video of this, but can't put it up since I am at work.

Fall colors haven't fully come in yet, but this tree didn't seem to mind showing off early. I went down towards the town and met up with other teachers. We eventually all enjoyed a tofu meal. I got to talk with the Grade 1 teachers, who wanted to practice English. We shared a lot and I felt very comfortable talking with them. I should go and visit them sometime.

It was really pleasant and made me interested in doing more hiking. Certainly need to get more in shape. Anyways I am tired from hardly sleeping last night due to the drama in my mind. But am meeting new pals for Scrabble. I guess I'll sleep when it happens to catch up with me.

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  1. Wow! You got some really great photos here of the beginnings of the fall colors! 271 and 278, especially.

    I am jealous!


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