Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tails of Saturday and Sunday

Last Friday I panicked over the kittens and everything. Practically one month left to pack up and get everything ready to go back home. With the thought of having to find good homes for these kittens on top of everything else I need to do it seemed my mind couldn't handle it. I woke up Saturday with a sore throat and groggy head, which wasn't helpful since I was helping my friend with Halloween festivities at her hagwon.

Nevertheless, I helped her out and rested when I got home. JH spent all night and today with me learning about what it is like to take care of kittens.

The kittens are all doing well and are exhibiting their own personalities. I think since we were with them most of the day today they got use to being with us. But that is going to have to change soon for some of them.

One of my friends (the ex-foreign teacher at my school) has chosen one to take home. But she won't till after they get their shots and I think it is best to give them some more time. Another friend of hers was enticed by a photo-text message that was sent, and so there is a possibility that two will be taken to good homes. This leaves one which I have decided to keep. As for when I will be in the States and looking for a job I am finding a cat sitter. So far I have one friend who will be up for this but gotta get that squared away.

To be honest it is going to be hard to see these guys seperate and move on. I know it might be best to keep them together but most people in Korea don't live in big enough homes to care for them all. Sure two could stay together but at this point I have to do what I can to insure that by the end of November they all have a place to live.

To be honest I am torn between keeping the black one or one of the orange ones. Sigh ~ do I keep both? agh

Going back to the help I gave at my friend's hagwon, which was fun. Except for the part when I was alone in a room with a group of kindergarten kids. After the activity there was extra time and I just stood there like a deer in headlights. I tried to come up with a game but it was failing. It reminded me of when I worked at a hagwon and how at that time I just didn't know what to do.

This is troubling because I have a possible job opportunity at a hagwon in Jeongja, Bundang. I can get my mind into that it will be a challenge to overcome and teach myself how to do. But I am worried that this natural sense in myself that just recoils in a room full of 5 year olds might never change. The job is spectacular, though, with decent hours and really good wage (let's just say above 2.5). Plus I love the location and the house will be a guarantee. For now, I suppose, I will go to the interview and see what happens.

I am still worried about not getting a reference letter. I told one recruiter and he seemed concerend and so wanted to contact my coteacher. But I haven't heard back about it. As far as I can see if I don't make a stink about with the recruiters then things should just putter along as usual.

Sigh... the black one is sleeping on my lap and I need to get up to get my dinner. haha

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