Friday, October 29, 2010

I Became a Cat Lady Overnight

There I was in my kitchen getting ready to make my usual stir fried tofu. I had all the ingredients out and was just about to start chopping, when my boyfriend came in. I wasn't expecting him, but it isn't unusual that he surprises me after work.

In his hand was a shoebox and he held it up like it was a cake box. He approached me and said, "This is a surprise. Open it."

I opened it and there were three little kitten heads popping out. Boy was I surprised! My immediate reaction was, "Three! Three kittens! Why?" And he went on to explain that his client in Incheon gave them to him.

They were dirty and the smell was overwhelming so we immediately gave them a bath. Over which we quickly discussed what we were going to do. I kept going on about how I love cats but kittens are different. They require more attention and training. He was a bit perplexed by my attitude and claimed, "But you love cats, Joy."

It's true I do love cats, and since we have been together I have spent a lot of time explaining why I love cats. I didn't think it would mean that he would bring home three stray kittens in a box. I definitely believe now the saying, "That you should be careful what you wish for."

The cat bath was interesting. At first I took them into the bathroom and tried to clean them with a cloth rubbing off the dirt. But JH had nothing of this and filled up a bucket with warm water and then scrubbed them down himself. Those were some loud kitten calls.

After we washed them we dried them with a hairdryer. Then we knew we needed to take them to a vet. So we put them in a fresh box and went on our way.
The local vet looked at them and spoke a lot with JH. But he didn't do much inspection, as far as I was concerned. He told JH that we should bring them back in a week after they have adjusted, since giving them shots then would have stressed them out more. I asked what sex they were and this resulted in the vet inspecting the kitties in what looked like an uncomfortable way. Poor things. The vet told us they were all boys and I think he is right but maybe we will know better later.

On the way back to the car I vented my concerns and stresses. This led JH to think that it was a bad idea and he told me he would take them back to his client. I calmed him down and said I was hungry and tired and let's at least give them a nice place to sleep. We took them back to my house where I set up their litter box and food.

JH and I discussed what we were going to do, because I told him one cat is easy but three cats... NO! We decided that we will pick one to keep and give the other two up for adoption or foster care.

That night they all slept huddled together in a dark corner near my suitcases. This morning when I lifted up the blankets their cute little heads popped out. As I got ready to go to work they ate and drank water. Thankfully, the night before I did well and trained them to use the litter box. Although, one is still having a little trouble.

Let me tell you that last night I didn't get much sleep. It wasn't because they were noisy or ran around my head, it was because I was overwhelmed. It is one thing to plan for having a kitten or cat in your life but another to have them suddenly show up. I know JH was being a sweetheart and took my love for cats a bit too literal. I think his heart must of went out to these strays. What is odd is that he has always vehemently told me how much he doesn't like cats and loves dogs more. So I was really confused why he would bring me three kittens when he knows he will visit my house. Maybe he doesn't hate cats after all. At one point last night one of the kittens fell asleep on him. He was amused.

So I am still adjusting to these new additions to my life.

At work today I talked all about what happened and then requested to go home early to take care of my kitties. It certainly made for an amusing story.

When I got home I didn't know what to expect. Would the house be turned upside down? Well thankfully things were in order as much as they could be. Since I am moving soon most of my stuff is in boxes anyways. After I got home today I cleaned up the house and did some more packing so to give the kitties ample and free space to do what they want.

 I made sure to pick up some essential items at Lotte mart last night like toys and a blanket for them.

So far my heart is going out for the black one, which I guess is because he is the "different" one of the bunch. But time is going to run out and I need to get two of them into homes before I move at the beginning of December.

I am calling out to you, my readers, if you would like to adopt or foster one of my kittens please let me know. I am training them well so that they won't have too many bad habits.

I hope to use sites such as AnimalRescue and Nabiya to advertise the kitties. They are all sweet and adorable and adopting one at this age would be great because you can really train them to be behaved household cats when they grow up.

Trust me my heart wants to keep all three and see them grow but I know I just can't do that.

They must of had a hard time living on the streets because they like the darkest corner where they can huddle together and get their sleep. So darn cute!
Let me know if you want one! Or know some body or know what works well to get them adopted~


  1. yikes 3 kittens? I can't imagine. Sorry, no animals for us. Good luck finding a home, they are adorable!

  2. Ooooooo....soooooo.....cute!
    Keep 2 Joy! One by itself will be lonely & mope around longing to get outside & find other cats. Two will keep each other company during the long hours you're away at work, etc.... Two won't be more bother than 1. 1 for you & 1 for JH! JH likes them, if this is his first experience with cats, so far he's doing really well, especially to bathe them with their sharp little kitty teeth & claws!!! He's a pro!
    Please consider this!
    Also have them neutered as soon as the vet says that they're old enough to avoid them spraying (v. smelly) in the house.
    Having 2 cats will be fun to watch them play together, etc....
    You can handle that!

    How old did the vet say they were? Obviously weaned as they're able to eat the kitten (?) food with no problem!

    Soooooo.... which 2 are you keeping!

  3. I would like to keep one or two, but the hard part will be finding a home for them while I am away in America and before a new job.

    But it is a good idea.

  4. <*
    - )


    - )

    = 2 Happy Kitties

    Maybe it won't be so hard to give just 1 away & then you'll only have to find "kitty care" for the other 2 while ur away!
    Why can't JH keep 'em while ur away? He got u into the whole mess!! That seems appropriate!

  5. I think that is awesome!! And they are sooooo very cute!! If I didn't already have a cat I would totally take one. Sadly, one is about all my tiny apartment can handle. The picture of the black kitten with the toy - my Charlie *loves* those toys, and we go through about one a week. I'll share your info on my blog in case any of my readers wants a kitten. A house full of kittens is always happy :-)

  6. Awww!! Cute Kitties!! Do you still have them? My husband and I might be interested in taking one. We live up near Uijeongbu, though. I'm not working tomorrow, and could possibly come and pick it up then. Are you asking for money for them?

  7. Jennifer thank you for your message. As of right now 1 has a home and another has a possible one. And I am thinking of keeping one. If things fall through on the second one I will definitely let you know. But I am glad to hear this response.


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