Monday, October 18, 2010

Korean Product Review: Down Choice Tea

In what I hope will become a series of mine I present to you a video I made of a Korean product review. The product was a new tea I found at Emart called, "Down Choice" "Puer Tea."

Still a lot of room for improvement production wise and I have a lot ideas running in my head. I suppose this was more like a pilot test. :)


  1. Good work, are you transitioning into vcasting? I'm still getting my feet wet too.

  2. I've been making videos for a while but this concept has been in mind. I would like to get into it more. Of course all this stuff with finishing my job and moving is going to interfere. But I'll try to keep up.

  3. lol, i miss trying all the teas in Korea. Actually we sell pu-erh tea at the tea store I work at and definitely use for diet tea. Tastes like crap unless I sweeten it>_<


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