Sunday, October 3, 2010

There Was A Snake

So far walking home within the past month has yielded new sights of wildlife. Several weeks ago I saw this snake weaving it's way through a patch of weeds alongside the river. I couldn't help but get extremely excited. Unfortunately, for some people (my boyfriend) I love reptiles. When I saw this snake I dug out my camera and quickly tried to get a shot. As I moved closer it got away. I even tried to see where it went but it was difficult as it went under the sidewalk and probably into the river.

For all I know this snake is poisonous and I was being too curious. It is the first wild snake I have seen in Korea. The mystical side of me thought it was symbolic and that it linked to someone in my life.

The other little piece of wildlife I ran into was a mouse. But I guess that isn't really much of wildlife, since rodents can be found anywhere in most cities. Still I put meaning to that little fellah, too.

As fall has set in I wonder if I will see any other creatures besides the usual ducks outside. Oh! I did see a feral kitten near the Paris Baguette. I was going to Seoul so didn't try to rescue it. Since then every time I pass by that area I keep my eye out. Hope somebody took it in or picked it up and gave it to a shelter. hmm

Here is a picture of the path home, which I took after seeing the snake. It was still summer time, but the scene pretty much looks the same as now.


  1. If you want to rescue ferril cats, come to my neighborhood, we only have a million of them... people feed them and they steal food from the market and the restaurant food trash....

  2. The snake looked fairly phobia, you know. So did you identify what kind of snake yet?
    Mouse....sure not a rat?
    You could use a kitty I think!


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