Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sports Day 2010

Last week was Sports Day at my school. The teachers and students were busy preparing for the two days of fun and competition out on the field. I enjoyed seeing sports day last year at my other school and so looked forward to watching this one.

I was excited to see the decorations and overall happy expressions on the kids.
Since my students were participating I had the day off from classes. I watched as they went through the usual routine of singing and then exercising. Last year one of the students fainted while this happened. But seemed like these kids pulled through.

They played the usual games such as relay races.

I really had a good time just spending it with the 6th grade students. They can be a lot of fun to hang out with.
One fun game they played was a kind of piggy-back race. Students would hold up one student on their back while a few others guided them around. On the head of the hoisted students were a hat with a balloon on it. The hat had powder inside. The goal was to pop as many balloons as possible on the other team.

Certainly a game I never played in elementary school, and looked like a lot of fun. However, though they left this game to the boys and the girls sat this one out.

Apparantly, one of the classic items of Sport's day in Korea is pets being sold to the children near the school. I found this out as I checked out the street vendors selling soda, snacks and toys. Along with such pets as mice, hamsters and rabbits were chicks. Yes baby chickens!

I asked the students about this and inquired why someone would want a pet baby chicken. Making the point that it grows up to be an adult chicken. They told me that they are sick and usually die after a short time. What was more shocking was the way the sellers handled these animals. When moving them from one carton to the next they just dumped them in or picked them up and threw them. Even the students were gasping at the sight of this. Although I wasn't sure kids would really buy them a lot of them did. 
After talking with my coteachers I was told selling chicks was a common thing during sports day and usually they just die after a few days. 

Interesting! Back to the sports. The 6th graders were at it again, this time playing a 8-legged race game. From the looks of it this was reserved for the girls.
At the end of all the games a large crate was brought out. Inside were gifts and the Mom's and Grandma's of the students were able to "fish" for a present. The truth is there was a small student inside hooking the gifts. I know all this because the English dept. got stuck wrapping all the gifts and preparing them. 

Sport's day was a real hoot and the best part was not only the chicks but spending quality and relaxed time with my students. That's the hard part about teaching 6th grade, no matter whether you stay at the school they end up leaving for Middle school.

Till next year, I guess (wherever I will be).

**Check out the video**


  1. Why oh why have you put an apostrophe in the word "sports"?

    Do you think it is "Sport is Day" and contract it, or do you think the day belongs to someone or something called "Sport"?

  2. thank you and I corrected it.. unfortunate for the video though as it is already up.

  3. Thanx Tuttle!

    Back to the chicks....did you purchase one?....Fresh eggs in your office-tel someday could be mighty nice!!


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