Sunday, October 17, 2010


I finished this painting today, or I think I did. It's one of those projects you just can't be too sure about. When looking at it I feel it came out too green.

The green part is my interpretation of a bird's eye view of a suburb in South Florida. The surrounding parts are another bird's eye view but this time of apartment complexes in Korea. One night, before I fell asleep, I saw this image in my mind and knew it was worth painting. I still like this concept and whenever I see a bird's eye views of cities (anywhere in the world) I feel a connection. My goal was to show the contrast between how people live in different parts of the world and how we construct our homes and surrounding areas. For example, the lush green lawn in contrast with the concrete purple of the apartment complexes. However, I still feel the apartment complexes come off to subtly.

After I started that one I picked up another art board and made a different design. This time taking inspiration from the city-scape of Seoul, but not the apartment towers. Instead I used the odd shapes that consist of villas and businesses.

As you can see I still have work to do on the second one. But I am glad the first is near completion, because I will be able to take it off its board and maybe make another one just like the above.  I'm also worried about completing the second one and wondering whether using a brilliant green for the American style landscape will be too distracting next to the Korean city-scape. One of those moments where you want to proceed but hope you don't end up screwing it up forever.

Till then I kind of don't really have time since I need to start packing and cleaning things out in my house. And of course it is a comfortable sunny day outside...oh so many distractions!

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