Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Before and After

Pictures of our time before and after seeing Eat, Pray, Love didn't make it into that post so I thought I share them here.

Before we headed to the theater I found myself in a small alley near JH's new office. They are still setting it up so he had to show up to double check things. As I waited for him the sun was shining brightly through the alley and I noticed a motorcycle covered by a blue cloth.

Then while we were waiting to enter the theater at the TechnoMart CGV, we were amused by a large touch screen gadget.
What you did was stand in front of this screen and the program would lock on your head and take a picture. From there it would guess your age and post it with your picture on the screen.
For some reason it liked taking JH's photo and guessed he was about 10 - 20 years old. Astonishingly, the computer accurately guessed my age (Korean wise) at 30.

After the movie we took a breath of fresh air outside near the theaters.

It might have been Saturday evening but that didn't stop clients from calling JH. 

As I turned around I tried to capture our reflection in the building's windows.
We headed home and called it a day, but overall it was fun.

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  1. I haven't been out to that part of town for a while, but it looks like the you saw the movie at Technomart, only judging from the shot of the Olympic bridge going across the river to Songpa-gu.

    As for the movie, it sounds like a chick-flick. Oh, did you say Julia Roberts? I rest my case. (If he saw this movie and didn't complain, your guy really cares about you, so hold on to him.)

    I'll rent it or buy a pirate bootleg on the street so I can score points that get me a little forgiveness for not washing the dishes nearly as often as I should ... scoring points like that are the only possible reason for a guy to watch a film that has no exploding helicopters or car chases or psychic assassins fighting robots.

    But, you knew that. Right?


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