Sunday, October 17, 2010

SAC at the HBC

Sketch and the City (SAC) is a newly formed group that meets up in various places and events to sketch what is going on. They have gone to poll dancing studios, drum festivals and the streets of Seoul to just name a few.

Every time they have a meet up I am always eager to go, but it seems for a long time I had already planned something and it didn't work out.

Fortunately, last weekend I made it out to their sketching of the Hae Bong Chon festival near Itaewon. This is an annual event where bands perform in the bars on the famous street and people come out for a good time.

It took me two hours to get there, although afterward I realized there was a bus that could have gotten me there faster. As you approach the Hae Bong Chon street you go past a series of kimchi pots.

I got there just as the crowds were accumulating and I immediately saw Mike Stewart at work on his painting.
After a few sketches I found inspiration coming from the little supermarket in front of us that had boxes of fruit outside.

After making my sketch I went in with colored pencils and tried to spark it to life. I enjoyed this activity but found it slightly difficult to stand and draw. I think next time I will bring one of those mini-fold-able chairs with me.

I finished up and instead of heading towards the festival and taking in the bands I went the opposite direction. I was going to meet up with JH to go somewhere else so I found a cafe instead. Before I got to the cafe I passed those kimchi pots again.
Inside the cafe were some cigarette boxes of a unique type.

It was a cool evening and the setting sun cast a golden light on a building nearby. I liked the image I captured here of this moment.
If you are into drawing or painting then I would highly recommend joining this group. I hope to get into it more even as winter draws on and being outside will be difficult.

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