Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rice Crispy Chicken and Restrictions

You are looking at my dinner tonight. On the right we have some Rice Crispy Chicken with a salad on the left. And some baked beans up top. All made with ingredients found here in Korea at my local stores such as Lotte Mart and Homeplus.

What you do is slice some chicken breasts so that they are more thin. Then you stir up an egg in one bowl, and in the other make a flour mixture. This consists of flour, crushed up rice crispies and seasonings (salt, basil, Italian season mix and pepper).  You drench the chicken in the egg bowl then coat it in the flour mix bowl. Add it to a frying pan with oil warmed up in it and cook on both sides for about 30 minutes. Or until it is not pink inside.

Make sure to place the cooked peices on some paper towels to let the oil soak up.

Work has been busy, mostly because of planning and new job stuff. I went yesterday with my coteacher to the immigration office to apply for my new alien card. It took a long time because she got lost on the way, but the actual time spent at the office was very short. Then today we attended an English Festival at a school nearby that was huge and basically every floor had an English themed room, it was mind blowing.

Some issues I have been facing lately is the government restrictions that the school's server has. For example many frequented websites I use are blocked. I asked about unblocking it but they gave me the "There is nothing we can do" speech. This makes me a bit sad because I really wanted to be able to blog from work, but their server blocks blogger's maintenance page.

I worry that if I don't blog enough you guys will go away. :( But at the same time I know quality is better than quantity. Sigh~

I am trying to figure out how to get a VPN to work on my computer at work to get around this.

I hope to get back into the swing of things and show and tell more of my life here. But if I don't blog as much as before is that okay with you guys??

It's interesting, the blogger community that is, for it seems some really try to update regularly and make themselves become popular. I don't mind becoming popular or well known in the process but it isn't a goal of mine. I would rather have a strong audience of 50 a day than try to maximize traffic to up to 2,000 visits a day. Anyways, this stuff makes my head spin.

As you can see I had a good dinner and now feel full and satisfied. The weather is bitterly cold these days as Christmas approaches. JH and I have the same vacation so we are going to spend it seeing some sights in Korea. I hope it won't be too cold during that time and that we end up having an unpleasant experience. But to be able to rest and be with JH will be very welcomed. All right let me know what you guys think about that blogging stuff...thanks.


  1. Blogger is blocked for me too, but I blog via email now.

    Go to blogger.
    Email & Mobile.
    Under posting options, you'll see where you can set up an email address to blog via email.

    If you want to post pictures, go to picasa (using your blogger login), upload the pictures, and use the html code in your email.


  2. Blogging by e-mail is great - just save it as a draft, then check the post when you get home and click publish. Another option is to use a proxy.

    Re: blogging - go with what works for you. Quality is always better than quantity IMHO. The number of readers is just a number - perhaps if those numbers translate into other opportunities you're looking for, then yes the numbers might be important. If you're just looking to blog and have fun, the numbers shouldn't matter. Just enjoy it, focus on what your readers are looking for, and stay in your niche - those are the best words I've ever heard heard about blogging :)

  3. Seriously...I don't think
    the blogosphere needs to hear every detail of a person's existence or experiences!
    That's what journaling is more for in my opinion.....selectivity goes a long way!

    Chicken dinner looked yummy...however, you're cooking the chicken for too long. Cook in the oil til just about all the pink turns to white & then remove from the oil & bake in an oven (toaster oven is good) for another 10 -15 min. til the meat is still juicy & white).
    Too much frying in the oil isn't really healthy!

    Bon appetit!


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