Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snowy Pancakes

Last Sunday I was in the mood for my favorite gingerbread and walnut pancakes that Butter Finger Pancakes specialize in. I have been to the spots in Seoul but heard of one in Bundang. So with a little internet searching I figured out where the Bundang one is located.

You head to the Jeongja area or to the Jeongja station and head out towards the cafe street. This is the same area I blogged about before in November. Head all the way down till it looks like the cafes are fading away and there is a gas station on the right. Opposite the gas station is the restaurant.

When we got there it was snowing.

Ah yes snow, the reminder that winter is real. I don't mind the snow really because it does make everything pretty. Oh I am sporting my new winter coat there that I bought and had shipped from America. I'm loving it!! Keeps me cozy even when the cold wind is blowing. Worth every penny!

Enough chilling outside let's go in and wait to be seated.

The set up of the restaurant was familiar with the other ones I have been too.

We were seated and our food came shortly, due to that we ordered it while waiting.
JH had the chicken and noodle soup, which tasted very authentic. However, I really don't know how one can mess up chicken soup.

I had my happy gingerbread pancakes.

Poor guy being made to eat Western food. Ah well...I've lost count the many times I have eaten kimchi.

There are more places to discover in my area as I get accustomed to it all. I think JH likes exploring with me, although the winter season seems to make him hibernate. haha


  1. Those pancakes look delicious and perfect for the holiday season:)

  2. Great coat & hat Joy....glad to now you're nice n cozy this winter!

  3. I soooo miss butterfingers. The snow looks so pretty even though I detest snow. Here it was like 40+ degrees on Christmas, lol. But we did have a few snow flurries...


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