Sunday, December 13, 2009

Instant Aromatherapy Machine

While I was in Japan I shopped at this store called Tokyu Hands that is basically a big store that has everything from toys, candles to kitchen supplies. A lot of the stuff is that cute Japanese-fun-designed gadgetry.

I came across one section that sold aromatherapy humidifiers. They were miniature sized that let out a mist of aroma. You use essential oils and put them in the pot. I really wanted to buy one but figured the plug conversion thing might have been a hazard. So I figured just buy the essential oils and convert my humidifier into an aromatic machine.

This is my humidifier machine which I got last year.

Those are the aromatherapy oils I bought in Japan. They come in different aromas (of course) such as Eucalyptus, Juniper, Geranium, Rosemary...etc.

I put a few drops inside my humidifier and I have to say that yes it works quite well. But I think since it is not designed for this that the aroma only cycles through for a while and then goes away.

I think Korea makes aromatherapy machines but I have heard that they are not cheap. So if you want to make your home environment here more relaxing maybe modifying your humidifier is one step. I am going to look around the stores here to find bigger bottles of essential oils and see if they work too. Hmm with a little browsing on Gmarket I found this that might do the same thing. If my humidifier breaks in the process it will just have to be a sacrifice. hehe


  1. Why not get an oilburner? They sell them in the body shop... Im not sure if humidifiers are designed for anything other than water (?)

    Also, what oils would you recommend? I know lavender is supposed to be relaxing but Im tired of it...

  2. That's my thought too...The oil may clog up the humidifier that's designed to just emit water vapor.
    There may be a water based product to add in the humidfier that wouldn't do could try w/some body mist or cologne, something less "gummy"!

  3. The oils I bought in Japan are meant for humidifiers I just didn't buy the device. I think if I watered down traditional oils it would be ok. But good ideas.

  4. Have you seen the Electric Aromatherapy Vaporizers made in South Africa by Essential Harmony. They're absolutely brilliant. Simply drop the essential oils onto the crytals and walk away. It's safe to use and the different blends available are incredible.

    Have a look at

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