Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dan & Rob's Christmas Party

That (the dog JH is holding) is Hubble who was a great friend during Daniel Grey's and Roboseyo's Christmas eve party.

It was a cheerful event with people I did and didn't know. We shared tales of donuts and alligators, basically relating stories from our countries.

But I guess you could say the fantastic part was the dinner, served up by Daniel Grey and thanks to the Yongsan garrison.

A real oven backed Turkey to carve!

There was stuffing, mashed potatoes and many more.

Yes...that's cherry and pumpkin pie folks. Yum!
I bought a Christmas Paris Baguette Cheesecake which I thought was suiting after hearing about Paul's run in with their Christmas CD.
Some reviews I got were that it didn't taste like cheesecake and was too dry. Well what can you expect when you are in Korea? I think it was some different kind of cheesecake than what we were all familiar with.

The cake came with a free hat, which I am sporting above.

We stayed late into the night (12:45AM) playing Scrabble where Dan beat us with his wits. All in all, it was a great time and reminded me of the lovely friends I have made and stuck with during my time here.

Well next up New Years!


  1. Where does one find a real live cherry pie in Seoul?

  2. Now I don't know the answer for where in Seoul but these guys got it from the Army base. But I suspect that there has to be some specialty shop that sometimes makes a cherry pie. Or I would hope.

  3. Sounds like a fun & yummy time was had by all....
    Is Hubble a real dog or toy? Breed?

    Nice hat! What is the brown thing on top of it?

    Grammar: "suitable" rather than "suiting"....


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