Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Going Back to Reality

Tomorrow I will leave Japan and embrace the next chapter in my life in South Korea. As much as I should be full of anxiety I am also full of excitement.

What will the kids be like?
How can I make my lessons fun and exciting?

But Japan has been a wonderful time. I know I commented in my last post about the differences and kind of made a negative comment about Koreans. I want to say that neither Koreans nor Japanese are better than each other. They are who they are but that doesn't mean I think one race is better than the other. It is just a bit shocking to find the world ticking differently. Sometimes the differences are a relief and other times they really don't make a splash.

Today I made it out to Kyoto for a little trip to the Chion-in temple which is near the Gion district known for it's Geishas. I had a good time and sat inside the temple observing the rituals that were taking place.

Again I was reminded how far I have come in life and what is next for me.

After I move and get settled there is so much I want to start. I really want to focus on a healthy diet and exercise plan. Not something crazy to loose a lot of weight but a plan that is focused on being healthy.

Out here I can't read the labels on the foods so I don't really know the calorie count. But this can be overcome with translation. In general though I want to find healthy and tasty foods that can be easily bought here and translate them into a healthy diet. I think for must of us expats (or some) we kind of just forget about healthy eating since shopping can be daunting.

The reality is that I want to snap out of my dependence on eating out (since it is thought of as cheap here) and cook at home. I use to cook at home back in America and I am sure I can get back into it here.

Well my cup is full of stuff to do. For now I just need to focus on getting back to Korea and moving all my stuff. I promise to write up posts from my trips out here with the pictures...darn internet here still has been lagging.

Here is a picture I managed to upload... a transportation pic~


  1. I wanted to see one of these cars while I was in Japan, but I never saw one..

  2. They're not much to look at - in the times I saw the cars (Joy, my visa run was just a couple days before yours - what are the odds?) there was mixed company. Apparently it's 'women only' during rush hours...

    Joy, it sounds like you're ready for the next step. Eating healthier? You might try catching up with VegeterianinKorea, if you haven't already. Or make your boy cook :)

  3. It was just a coincidence I saw this car I didn't even know it was special. Chris~ I would love for him to cook more and he is going to start showing me how to cook some Korean dishes. But he doesn't live near my home so his cooking won't be available till the weekend...hehe


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