Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Homemade Simple Korean Dinner

Although I want to detail here the products I used and how I cooked everything I only have enough time to post the pictures.

As you know it is my goal to eat healthier and not eat out as much. I figured since I am in the country and most of the products are meant for Korean meals why not try to cook Korean style dinners.

I decided that making the simple tofu jigae (soup) would work. I bought all the ingredients and right tools. At Lotte Mart I also bought some side dishes including japchae.

All together it was a good meal and I am testing to see if I can save the soup as leftovers.

The top center there is the soup I made which includes a bean paste base, tofu, zucchini and sprout mushrooms. I used a microwaveable rice instead of fresh from the pot (no rice cooker yet).

This is a lotus root side dish...actually that is my interpretation. Out of the many side dishes you can enjoy here in Korea this is the one I like most and I found it at my Lotte Mart.

Close up of the soup~


  1. wow, and you have panchan too... But I'm not a fan of the precooked rice... maybe I'm just spoiled with the real thing now...

  2. WOW!! looks so Yummy!! i dont generally like Tofu but i love it in the jigae!!

  3. Wow! The soup looks wonderfully delicious! But NO white rice...only wholegrains in a healthy diet!
    I'm sure you'll find brown rice somewhere in Seoul!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


    some of these have grocery shops!
    Bon apetite!


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