Sunday, December 6, 2009

My New Diggs

My new 홈 (home)! Moving in was fun yesterday as first I arrived at the school and greeted my new faculty. They said I look nice and kind along with a few calling me beautiful! And one was stunned I have naturally curly hair. Ah it starts all over again.

But no really I have a good feeling about this job because my head coteacher is very proactive. She doesn't waste any time and gets down to business. Already she discussed with me what I am to do come Monday. I am a little nervous because the style is different from what I was doing at Hwasan. Meaning I have to make the lesson plans but after she showed me the template it looks easy. My real concern is within the classroom and whether I will go too fast and have nothing to do at the end. It's not that I need little extra games or something it's that I need to make sure my plan is full enough to yield 40 minutes.

Anyways, let's look at what is finally the best Office-tel / apartment / home I have received since May 2008 when I first got to Korea.

This is the view so far, because I can't really keep an internet connection here long. I am using someone else's wireless. But I managed to get up this picture.

To the right of you is my little bedroom. In the middle there is the kitchen on the left and the bathroom on the right. Past this is the living room space with a big window where you can see a little river down below.

As my internet connection improves over the next few days I will put up the rest of the pictures.


  1. most non-fat white women in Korea get the "beautiful" comment fairly regularly... i get the feeling it's due more to our exoticism than our good looks.

    a non-fat white woman in Korea

  2. actually i get the beautiful comment a lot too... haha i'm a non-thin woman in korea! haha I usually also get the "i like your size" comment too. haha i usually am stunned and wonder if i should say thank you or stare off... haha!

    Joy: Glad you had a good time moving in! hopefully we can get together soon! sorry we havent earlier!!

  3. From the front door, the apartment looks great! Can't wait to see more photos... I hope to be in the apartment search soon in Seoul....

  4. I never get the "beatiful" comment, I'm a non-thin white man ...

    Place looks good, what "little river" is that? Obviously not Hangang, right?

    1 yr, 4 mo. later, I'm still skyffing Internet service from my security-ignorant neighbors. (Shhhh...)

    Fingers crossed for you!

  5. .....Beauty is the eye of the beholder.....
    & translator!

    Do more reinforcement...Q&A.... practice pronounciations....speak more slowly confident!


  6. ps....The place looks wonderful!
    Does the bedroom have a window?

  7. Bedroom has a window ~ yes.

    Internet is not that great so trying to get the hook up soon.

    The beautiful thing only happens in the beginning in 5 months they won't care to say it anymore. But it's fun while it lasts...haha


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