Saturday, December 26, 2009

Karate Kid Remake

First take a look at the trailer:

I got note of this from noise I heard around the net and then finally saw the trailer via Angry Asian Man.

He says:
Moving the action from Southern California to China completely changes what's happening here. The trailer is overflowing with stereotypes -- yes, another narrative about a Westerner in the strange, exotic Orient -- not to mention capitalizing on America's current anxieties over a rapidly growing China.
I have to say that it will likely throw in some stereotypes but of what nature? I would like to point out that typically from my experience that the general perception of black people coming from Asian people in Asia (China, Japan, Korea) is that of difference. When I was dating my Chinese boyfriend back in college he would tell me how his people have a word for black people and that is "ghost".  Yes that is wrong and as I dated that guy I got to see him learn how to shrug off his cultural past and accept everyone as equal.

The stereotypes you might find in this movie may come from when the young black character is being harassed because he is black or in general just is the "other". But it is this issue that strikes me as a reason to watch this movie when it comes out. However, I am not really sure the character is being harassed because of his who knows. I am just intrigued that the storyline is of this nature of the kid coming to a very foreign country, which is obviously not his choice, and having to deal with it. When you think about it that kind of relates to many expats experience here in Korea (although we made the choice) and so that is why I might watch this movie.

Sure it is going to be a very cliche movie. In my opinion, the original Karate Kid movies weren't exactly far from being cliche themselves. But nowadays they are nostalgic reminders of my youth.

Looking at the preview it actually looks like a worthy remake. As I said for one reason being the racial tension that may or may not be displayed in the movie. But also because I think the actor selection is good.

I am not sure but I think I met Will Smith's son. I worked at a famous summer camp in the mountains in New York. Many celebrities children attended that camp and it was rumored Will Smith's son was there. One day we were having a free day and a little boy (looked just like him) was running past me and fell down. I went up to him and asked if he was all right. He just looked me in the eye and smiled then ran off. That was 9 years ago, so that kid must have been around 6 or 7 years old. Looked just like him I swear..

haha well I bet this new Karate Kid movie will make its way to Korea. So I guess look out for it. But if the thought of a Karate Kid remake makes you twinge then let's just hope they never remake Goonies or Adventure in Babysitting. And if they ever touch The Neverending Story then I am going to crawl into a cave and hide.


  1. This looks awsome! I can't wait to see it!

  2. Jaden is growing up so well. It looks like something I would take one of my younger cousins to see.

  3. It's not about the boy's race. It's because the boy likes the girl but there's another boy that also likes her and he's trying to keep this original boy away from her. In other words, it's more about jealousy, two boys fighting over a girl they like. It's common in most cultures, not just in Chinese culture.


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