Saturday, November 19, 2011

Our Neighborhoods

A recent video, by the Qiranger, goes into the neighborhood of Itaewon, which has been Paul Ajosshi's home for quite sometime. I like this video because it shows you how you can go from one interesting alley to the next and end up at some oddball places, with just a little exploration. I wrote recently about a new back alley in Itaewon that is already taking shape and getting popular, check out the post here.

It makes me wonder if my neighborhood, Nowon, has anything interesting beyond it's bar and chicken hoff street. I do know of the little parks here and there between apartment complexes, but a street with galleries and coffee shops...hmmm? Guess I should get out there and find out.

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  1. THe closer you get to the mountains in Nowon, the more interesting it gets - the old neighborhoods with red brick houses are great. There's also a nice stream/river park.


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