Friday, November 11, 2011

On This Here 11/11/11 I Decree:

That it is a lot more special in Korea, since people here celebrate chocolate sticks known as "Pepero" and they are shaped like ones.

I also recognize that this kind of date will never happen again, but life seems to just swift on by like a breeze. Yesterday, I saw the movie, "The Help." If you think it is a chick-flick well it has more deepness to it. I enjoyed the scenery and food being presented here and there. I didn't enjoy how some parts were too gushy between the protagonist and her prospective lover. I loved how they touched on civil rights issues in a personal way, but thought they could have dug deeper. However, compared to what else is out here (in Korea) it is a good choice to make. I would also recommend checking out, "The Tree of Life", which is also playing. Both can be seen at the theater outside of Chungmuro station exit 1.

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  1. Looking fwd to seeing THE HELP, but the TREE of LIFE in my opinion was well.... tiresome & trite in its effort to be arty farty philosophical for the most part!


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