Monday, November 21, 2011

How a Recent Saturday Went By

For some reason the cold weather pushed me to do some baking. So it is that I let three bananas go ripe and collected all the necessary ingredients to bake some banana muffins.

As I did this I also worked on lesson plans for next year, yes I know I work too much. Although, I am seeing that it will be really easy to put together next year's lessons as it is all patched together from this year. Duh!

The muffins came out yummy and full of warm sweetness. The crispy brown sugar on top took me back to my childhood.

As I just spent a chunk of money on plane tickets for my February vacation I can't really go out so much. I thought I was going to save money this year, but it looks like that it isn't happening. Oh well! I guess will shoot for next year, haha!


  1. Ditto! Those look fantastic!
    So you have a real oven in this apt? Or a toaster oven did this baking?
    YUM! YUM!

  2. Was accomplished through a toaster oven. (Thanks Lilly)

    I could get a hold of a mini-oven..just need to fork of 300,000 Won.

  3. You should be able to find a cheaper small oven at Costco. I'm still kicking myself for not buying one when they were mispriced at 79,000 won when they first got them in stock here in Daejeon as the person who priced them thought that they were toaster ovens. Last time I checked they ranged (when in stock) from 159,000 - 199,000 won.

  4. At the Costco in Daejeon, they are now selling them for 129,000 won. If baking ingredients weren't so dang expensive here in Daejeon, I'd definitely buy one.

    You might even be able to get a better deal on a Korean shopping website.


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