Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No More School on Saturdays Means Changes

Just got word, right before I sign my new contract, that due to the "no-more school on Saturdays" thing that there will be changes next year. Basically they are going to start the Fall semester (in August) 2 weeks earlier. This means my summer vacation won't be a full two weeks, and instead is going to end up split between camp. They might consider changing the camp dates to give us a full two weeks, but as things are likely in cement already...I doubt it.

I asked about winter vacation (for next year) and got this response, "One week off for Christmas, then camp, then 2 weeks off for vacation." Whether that means our vacation extends into a third week, I don't know. At my school you can opt out of doing camp, but the only hitch is you don't get paid for those weeks. They did say they are dropping camp from 3 weeks to just 2 weeks. Now this makes me wonder what they will cut out of the camp programs, as we just spent this semester redesigning a lot of the camp. Obviously there are going to be some major differences next year due to this "no-more-Saturday" stuff.

I kind of like that camp will be just 2 weeks, as 3 weeks with the same group of kids does get old very fast.

I've inquired whether these changes mean there will be more class time altogether with the students. After thinking about it, I guess it means we have 2 extra weeks...right? Well I suppose I'll have enough work for next year if we extend everything, seeing as I am already a month behind in my book due to the recent drama festival.

I'm just bummed that they are going to split my summer vacation, as that is really a headache.Also they are mentioning now with no time to think about not resigning and looking for a school with better vacation. But I think this is a Seoul-wide problem and likely other schools are dealing with it too. I am signing the new contract today and really hope to get a raise, if not I want to hear a decent reason why.


  1. I think the no Saturday school is a nation-wide thing from now on.

    And as many people predicted, instead of Korean families spending more quality time together as was intended, hagwon are going to do a smashing weekend business and public schools will scramble to offer some sort of "make-up" English offerings through camps or free weekend programs.

  2. Yea most people here are taking it as the "kids are missing out". As for me I never worked Saturdays anyways. Well it is all part of the social game here.

  3. Be really grateful that you even get paid two week or longer vacations.

    The Korean teachers at my old hagwon are getting a whopping two days off (outside of national holidays) this year, while those at my current hagwon are getting none. And we actually have some parents pushing our hagwon to have classes on the national holidays as well now and it's all in the name of cheap child care for most of them.

    I used to work at an academy in one of the poorest parts of town and both parents had to work to survive and needed something "somewhat" productive for their kids to do and to help them keep out of trouble after school. Now, that I've moved to the "rich" part of town, the moms are too busy spending their money without a care in the world and don't want to have to deal with their children at all. Quite a few of my more advanced students even have nannies from the Philippines taking care of them.


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