Saturday, July 30, 2011

Itaewon's Secret: Discover Some Place New

When you think of Itaewon several images might come to mind. For instance the many pubs or clubs you can go to. Or perhaps, great international restaurants where you can get a taste of food from around the world. But, would you think that somewhere in Itaewon is a quiet cafe street? A place to go see some art and kick back with a cup of tea or coffee? For some time now an area of Itaewon has been growing with galleries, cafes and mini-shops.

I suppose sharing this secret might open up this haven in Itaewon and turn it into another bustling section of Seoul. But I really feel that there are folks out there who would like to see this new place and also might respect it's atmosphere.
Gallery Golmok is the feature of this area as it resides in a little nook of an alley, next to a cafe. But you are probably wondering how you find this new secret area? And of course I am going to tell you but in a simple way.

Either make your way from Noksapyeong station towards Itaewon and take the alley next to Suji's restaurant or head down the street from The Wolfhound and keep on going until streets begin to narrow.

That's it! You are on your own from there and can use the pics in this post for clues. I suppose though you can watch my video, to get a visual representation. Really though the best part about life in Seoul is going down new streets and alleys.
I hope the freshness and spontaneity of this little area stays as such and even develops into more funkiness. Along the path I spotted this pack of dogs in a store front.
Just around from the shop with the doggies was what appeared to be a used clothing store, like the vintage stores I saw in Osaka, Japan.
Things come to a crest at a hill and you can see large office towers in the distance..
Going down another street you go by several clothing shops.
Maybe even try your luck at something to eat.
When I started to head towards the heart of Itaewon I noticed many buildings were under construction. I wondered what will fill these hollow structures in time to come.
Heading towards the central area of Itaewon things started to shift from artsy to the every-day. Meanwhile I found this hot dog place, which certainly looks like it is for the brave eater.
And then there was this gleaming shop with red paint on the exterior. It was a photo-op in heaven.
I suppose if you see yourself going past this place you know you are getting closer.
The artistic started to fade away as more signs of construction were around me.
Before long the regular "old" Itaewon comes into view with The Wolfound making it's appearance.
I hope you do find this little slice of Itaewon and enjoy it's contrasting atmosphere. Maybe a little quiet nook tucked in a busy city isn't for everyone. But I know it will make a great place to go to and have a relaxing read, after getting a book at "What the Book." (Just around the corner too~)

I know I look forward to returning and seeing what new shops and cafes have popped up in my absence. So get out there!


  1. Hey Joy, I hope you're feeling less gloomy these days! Maybe it has something to do with the awful weather there.

  2. Yea I am feeling better. It was a mix of PMS, weather and almost turning 30. haha

  3. Those doggies are embarrassed - having to be naked like wonder they have those expressions!
    God gave them hair for a reason.
    Otherwise this post has some really good fotos!
    <3 u Joyous.

  4. Dogs those sized, no matter how many you congregate in one place, cannot be characterized as a "pack."

    A nuisance


    Kickable for Distance..

    but NOT a "pack"

  5. that hand cute.i wanna get one for, no.i wanna get dozens

  6. This is one of my favorite areas of Seoul that I only just discovered! There are some amazing restaurants in HBC right out of Noksapyeong, much better than the tired, dirty Itaewon:) Great post and pictures!


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