Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where it's at

You might think that I am overjoyed with the news that I get to stay at the same school for another year. Definitely considering this will be the first school that accepted me for another year, in my four years living here. But the rush of life has been keeping me distracted. Report cards, test making and teaching the kids has got my mind busy.

Yet, today as I walked home and left the gates of the school I felt a small pinch of realization. I don't have to move or hunt for another job, I will be here again next year. Finally, I felt some form of relief and looked at the pale gray sky with appreciation.

But then I remembered that I signed up for First grade again next year, and started to worry if this will be a mistake. They aren't the easiest bunch to teach; however, I am hoping with one year behind me it will get better. Yet, when I look at my students pictures on the homeroom wall I feel a pinch in my heart. I have grown attached to these little kids, even the "bad" ones and feel like I have learned a lot about myself as a teacher. I hope to share some of these things as they become clearer to me in my mind.

Altogether, the past three years of my life here in Korea feel like I was a different person. Now to move on to the next year.

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  1. It should be a BIG relief & something to be rally grateful for. You can just settle in & enjoy what your hard work & perseverance has earned you!
    You've gotten the feel of the "1st grade mentality/energy" so why go switching things up now for yourself. Plus don't you have lessons all developed etc... .Give yourself a break & do 1st grade again if that's an option!
    So you can now enjoy other aspects of your life in Korea from a more relaxed & gratified perspective!
    I'm v. happy for you! AND proud too!


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