Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tieing Up Loose Ends from Home

This letter is to warn people thinking of coming to Korea, and it could also serve those already here. You see, I have received letters stating I owe the last place I rented, in America, a termination fee.

Now I moved out in April 2008, and before I did I made sure the lease was handed over to the current roommate. I alerted the office I was moving, too. And then I get these letters stating that someone moved out in 2010 earlier than when the lease expires and I have to pay for it.

Since I moved out and have lived in Korea I have gotten rid of all that paperwork, a big mistake. Also I never really checked back with ex-roomie if everything was 100%. Although, I think I did and I have some emails asking her if things were good.

Ex-roomie will not return my calls or emails. This is frustrating because I just want to know her story and understand what happened.

Anyways, I contacted the University and spoke to a secretary about all this. They told me to call "Accounting" and then they told me to call the other guys back. I did and they were out for the day. Since I only get a short window to call, due to time difference, I'm going to have to wait.

So here is my advice to all you folks out there, especially the young College graduate kind. Take care of all your shit before you move, and after you come here check up on it. Otherwise, you might get bitten in the butt like I am here.

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