Sunday, November 13, 2011

Comics and Grub

Amongst the many changes that occur in Seoul, often times a subway station can transform itself. Attached to Line 2's Hongik Station is a transfer route to the AREX (Airport) line. I know this because I was making my way to Exit 5, and had to go through this very clean and polished tunnel.

Even the turnstiles have become things of diversity. The "beep" is more of a pleasant chime than the usually high pitched one heard at regular stations. Also when passing through, a plexiglass gate with pictures of Kpop stars opens for you. It certainly had a futuristic feel to it.

Exit 5, from Hongik station, takes you out into a quiet neighborhood. Once outside you will notice a cafe across the street called, "Cafe Sand Park".

For those folks who cringe at hearing "Sand" in a restaurant name, well this one was not disappointing. The interior was low-lit and light piano music was playing overhead. It had a real home-town feel to its interior.

Although I am not a coffee drinker, the ground beans smelled fresh. Instead of a coffee drink I had the "fruit tea", which was all right although a bit overpriced. Even though tea drinks at cafes in Korea are mostly a tea-bag in hot water, they tend to be pricey. Usually in the 6,000 to 8,000 range. But, one makes due and pushes on.

I wasn't overly hungry and so just had a light snack of a cream-cheese bagel. Surprisingly, this came out very scrumptious. The bagel wasn't too hard, like they are at Starbucks, and the cream cheese was fluffy and smooth.

The place even had some baked goods on sale near the register, which looked homemade and delicious.

I would highly recommend coming over to this place and getting away from the Hongdae crowds. Definitely a good place to bring a book or some work.

After my tea-and-bagel I headed to a comic book store to see what it was all about. On the way I spotted this wall-drawing, which from closer inspection was either made with charcoal or ink and brush.

The comic book store is located nearby Exit 8 of Hongdae station and is at the basement level. Inside are wall to wall bookshelves stocked with comics, mostly Japanese ones. All of which were in Korean, though. But it was fun to see a place like this in Seoul.

They even had one section dedicated to art-books and "how-to" books on digital drawing.

After the comic book store I went to Homi Art Supplies and looked around, then headed for dinner at a beef-galbi type place. Sorry, I meant to pick up their business card but it didn't work out. I got distracted on the phone. Anyways, it is a place that you have to climb a set of stairs to get to, and is outside exit 9... going up the street with the Dunkin Donuts.

Very delicious and not as heavy as regular galbi, which I think is a lot better. Altogether, another fun time spent in Hongdae exploring what is out there.


  1. I know exactly where Cafe SandPark is, although I've never been inside. Having the airport road stop so close to my house is absurdly convenient. I love it. (PS, Hongik Uni's on line 2...)

  2. Love the shots of the subway!

  3. hi, i love reading your posts about seoul. i'm going there on March next year and i'm loading up on any info i can get from wonderful blogs like yours :) thanks for sharing. can't wait to read more. happy blogging!

  4. Janis ~You are welcome! I did the same thing before I came here and it really helped me a get a feel for things. Happy Travels~


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