Saturday, March 13, 2010

School Elections

At the beginning of the school year kids participate in school elections. When I arrived at school last week there were campaigning kids holding up signs and shouting their name. Also they had their team of friends beside them.

It snowed last week and of course it is all melted now. Winter is still lingering around with some days acting like spring and others not. This image above is a part of my 30 minute walk to work.
One of my favorite parts of being an Elementary school teacher here in Korea is walking to school with the kids. However, they kind of do push past you and run you over with their rolling backpacks...but the "Hello, teacher"s are always nice.

Because of construction going on, due to they are building a new gymnasium/auditorium, they have the kids funneled down this makeshift walkway.
Here we come to the part where the campaigners were working hard.
The following student is really nice. He was in my winter camp class and was a lot of fun. Unfortunately for him the other "tough" boys in the class teased him a lot. If I could have voted I would have gone for him.
The entrance to the school had signs put up made by the students hoping to win. 
Just some of the fun surprises you run into at work here.


  1. So THAT'S what those signs were all about.,, My school has had quite a few of those up, though I had no idea what for.

    And if it's proven that KIDS made those by themselves - without parental or other help - I'll eat my underwear.

  2. Ahh the first taste of politics! Back when the kids are still young and idealistic, kinda like 1st years at university. My degree that I'm finishing up is actually in Poli-sci/Public Admin., so it would be interesting to watch these student elections.

  3. I think it gets more interesting at the high school level. I have heard candidates say they will allow long hair and other dubious things.


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