Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lunch in Hongdae

JH and I headed out to Hongdae last weekend for a particular reason, which I will reveal in my next post. For now I am going to show you around Hongdae and the lunch we had.

I have been to Hondae many times, however, I have never been there at night. I am sure some expats would tell you that this place is a different flavor at night time. During the day it is mostly a trendy shopping place with artistic flare.
We looked around for some enticing food and found a new Japanese restaurant.
We ordered an Udon soup with tempura on the side and some stir fried chicken.
After lunch we walked around towards our destination and spent our waiting time mingling around the "Free Art Market" in the park.

At this venue were artists selling works along with portrait artists drawing live. Also there was live music and performances.
I really enjoy these kinds of outdoor "markets" and feel they should multiply around Korea. Well, stay tuned for my next post when I reveal a really cool place we went to. ~


  1. Hongdae sounds like a really cool area! I'm hoping to get a job teaching ESL in Korea, preferably in the greater Seoul area starting in June/July. Hongdae is an area I'll have to explore sometime.

  2. Hongdae's fun - and the nighttime scene is cool if you don't mind the drinking all around you. I really enjoy it for the creativity - without fail there's a band playing, a guitarist, a tap dancing jam band, or any of a dozen other things going on. During the day Hongdae is cleaner, a bit more civilized, and most of the galleries and such are open... I wish a few of them were open in the evenings, but whatever...

    BTW, your poll...? It's closed - need a new one :)


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