Sunday, March 7, 2010

2S2 Bundang / Yongin Chapter First Meeting

We are going to have our first meet up. I am really nervous because I am new to the area and don't really know people or where to go. But that is why I am starting this meeting so to get to know people out here and find cool places to visit. Please see our facebook page to join up if you live out here. The following are the details for our first meeting:

Our first 2S2 meeting~

For our first meeting it will be a basic meet and greet and then we will pick a place to eat.

At the meeting we will talk about the group and then we can do whatever...some possibilities:

- Learn a Korean game
- Play English board game
- Your idea ?:)

I have researched a Japanese restaurant nearby Ori Station that advertises itself as authentic Japanese. It is pretty popular amongst Koreans and kind of hidden from the main road so it would be a fun place to explore.

But we can go anywhere to eat, especially if someone knows of a great place.

Let's get together and have some fun!

Meeting info:
Location: Jeongja @ Mosaic Cafe / * From Jeongja Station Gate#3(Gate 4 is under construction) Turn around to the gate 4 and walk along the street. Cross the street at the corner of Paragon. There will be the Woori bank building where Mosaic Cafe is. (Hana Plaza 4th floor)
When: March 13th
Time: 2pm
Bring: some game and your ideas

For more info reply to this post. Let me know if you are coming, thanks!


  1. Hi. I would love to come to the Yongin/Bundang/ 2S2 meet-up, but I'm going to go to the Seoul one this time. There were some people a the last (and only) one I went to that I'd like to see again.
    I'd really like to see a 2S2 chapter take off in your area (it's closer to me) and plan to come along in a month or two.
    Good luck with the first one!

  2. No problem Matt ~ Hopefully this one will take off. By the way if you have any ideas for our chapter please let us know...something that would entice you to come?


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