Friday, March 19, 2010

The Monkey Wrench

Just when I thought it was safe to settle down into my new schedule a monkey wrench was thrown in. Meaning I was enjoying my batch of classes teaching 4th and 6th graders.

But as time pressed on the Teacher's class I was suppose to teach never happened. It turns out now that I will teach an afterschool class for the kids. One set will be 3rd & 4th graders while the other 5th & 6th graders. I was told they are low level English students. It would meet once a week on Wednesdays, each for 40 minutes. That's 2 extra classes.

And then it turns out they are throwing the same thing at my coworker, who already has a heavy schedule. Except they are giving her the advanced kids, the ones who studied abroad. I talked to her about this tonight and we both realized that we should try to switch, since she has more experience with low level students and me with high levels.

I may have been in Korea nearly two years but it seems I am still unable to get over the whole "last minute" crap. So today I ranted at work about how they can't expect me to come up with topics for this new class for a whole year when I haven't even met the kids. Actually, yesterday I was pleasant about it and worked out topics for half a year. We agreed that the topics were just for show since the Principal asked for it and can be changed later. So today when they asked me for the rest of the year I told them to just make it up themselves since it didn't matter anyways. It took awhile for them to even understand what I was saying, and when they did it turned out they didn't like that idea. That is what led to my rant. It wasn't a big explosion but enough to cause one of the coteachers to bark back at me that she too has to deal with Korean culture even though she is Korean.

I composed myself, shut up and typed in topics for the rest of the year.

The reason I get so upset about little changes and last minute emergencies like this is because of fear and insecurity. The thing is that I want to stay at this job another year. But I know that there is really no way to guarantee my contract being renewed. At the same time I want to express my opinion but it just makes me look defiant and weak. All of which means people will end up not liking me for my personality and looking past the hard work and teaching I do. In other words...its a crap shoot.

Trust me I want to go along with it all and say, "Yea sure I'll teach these extra classes." And walk in on the first day and have a ball with the kids. But my nature is to plan things and know what exactly I will be teaching. At public school they just throw extra classes at you with no books or any idea of what to do.

Just because the contract says we can be made to teach any class doesn't mean that we are willing to nor have the time to plan for it.

But what can you do? I have learned that bitching and moaning get you a ticket out the door, so I am going to have grow some more and be an adult in this situation.

I signed the contract, I came to this country and I am still here. This is what I signed up for and I better accept it all finally.

Heck, I was missing getting to know the kids like I did in my after school class last year.

Hope this post didn't involve too much complaining. Just wanted to express my frustrations and tribulations lately.

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