Saturday, March 20, 2010

It Was White Day Last Week

You know what? I may never be able to blend in and disappear at the workplace but at least I have an understanding and caring boyfriend and life!

Last week was Korea's White Day, which is a knock off of Valentine's Day. The ritual is that the man buys the lady chocolates or a gift...makes a plan.

My boyfriend is turning out to treat these holidays as kid stuff and that at his age he shouldn't do it anymore. In the morning we went to Homeplus to do my weekly shopping. As we passed by the chocolate and gift section, I told him to pick something out while I went over to the fruit section.

Later on I convinced him to take me to a cafe street near Jukjeon station. And so we spent the afternoon at a cafe and had dinner later on. Really to me I just wanted to be out of the house and enjoying our time together.

It was a rainy late-winter and hopeful-spring kind of weather. We checked in at a cute cafe and talked about our futures together. (Not going to share the details)
We ordered "Buttered Toast" off the menu and this is what we got 20 minutes later. Kind of a before dinner killer if you ask me.
Then it was time to move on and find some dinner. I wanted to go to this posh Italian place across from the cafe but it already filled up. So we moved onto another Italian place.
Compared to my first White Day in Korea this one was more memorable and superb. Three Cheers for Romance!

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