Thursday, March 18, 2010

After School Dinner Party

This week is proving to be very social. On Monday, one of my new coteachers offered to cook dinner for us. I had a good time and the food was really delicious. Also it was nice being welcomed into a Korean's house.

Yesterday after work (Wednesday) all the teachers attended a dinner party. We were taken out into the boonies to eat at a barbeque duck restaurant. Let me just tell you it was very good. Although since on my walk to work I see the ducks in the river I felt a little guilty.

Ah ~ well.
It was snowing that afternoon. The restaurant's walls were clear vinyl but sealed up tight around the foundation. At the back was a large heater and the floor was heated as well.
This is the duck meat waiting to be barbecued.
These are the side dishes.
It's a fun experience these social gatherings for the school, you know. Because more and more people show up and more and more food gets put on your table. 
We got to cooking our duck meat and the Principal greeted everyone and said some welcoming words.
That is me next to the coteacher who served us dinner Monday. The picture below (on the right) is my other foreign coworker and on the left is another coteacher (I don't teach with her) who is more like the English coordinator. Both are fun to work with.
Time pressed on and eventually it turned dark outside, soju got passed around (I didn't have any), people gave their bows and it was time to go home.
Compared to the after school dinners I experienced at my other public school this was a lot more friendly and yummy. We mostly ate sashimi at my old school, where this one seems open to different tastes. Also my new Principal is a really warm and nice guy, all of which makes things seem to fit together nicely.

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  1. it looks so yummy! on friday (after getting booted)... i went to my staff dinner too... hahaha... it was at a really fancy chinese restaurant... about 22,000 a person... eek... but i didnt stay long. hahaha! but the duck looks so yummy!! BTW I love the new layout!!


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