Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I hope I haven't been drowning you, my dear readers, in the nuances that happen at the workplace. To be honest ever since I went gun-ho with lesson planning my mind at work has been preoccupied. My home life consists of making dinner, cleaning around the house, grocery shopping and with whatever free time I have...painting. So that is why when it comes to blog writing things have been a bit ghostly lately.

Work is proving to be peachier since Monday. I have been genuinely trying not to overreact when presented with a work related issue and also contribute positively to the group. I apologized to the other coteacher today to let her know that I wanted to make sure our work together in the classroom was comfortable. As for my foreign coworker I haven't been talking to her much but it seems she is oblivious that she hurt my feelings. This is so, because she still talks to me like normal. Really I don't hold a grudge against her just wish Monday would have been different.

Also I came to a realization, which is probably good for any work place. That is to put in the socializing effort and leave the tasks and work on pause. For example, at lunchtime when I finished eating I use to get up early before the others and head back to the office. Now I stick around, even if I am not interested in the conversation or people are mostly speaking Korean. In another situation, the coteachers like to gather around and eat some cake and chit-chat. Before I would join but seem not really interested. This was because my mind was so focused on the tasks I set forth for myself to finish that I didn't want to waste my time. The lesson learned was that contributing time to the group and people around me is just as important as the tasks of lesson planning.

Although I write this I feel some fear that tomorrow could end up a completely different day and I flop on myself. However, I thought I would update on this story since it can show other people out there that even if you get yourself into a pickle you can get out of it.

With that said, can you believe it is almost my 2 year anniversary in Korea and almost my 1 year anniversary with JH? Time flies so fast, ya know? And a part of me really doesn't want to be spending it all on my computer (another reason blogs have been so few). Yet, I will continue to blog and share the memories and lessons I go through here in South Korea. Thanks!

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