Sunday, July 3, 2011

Patbingsu Quest: Homil Hodu Cafe

The quest continues for this summer's really amazing patbingsu. I am bringing you another one from my neighborhood. This time from an unlikely place, a cafe that sells walnut pies and treats. I like hodu pies but usually in the winter time or around Thanskgiving, as they remind me of back home. When I saw the patbingsu picture on dispaly I figured why not give it a try.

I have to say this one was pretty good, reasonably priced and not too big. What made it stand out from others was the powder put on top, which I am guessing was ground up hodu mill. hmm

Whenever I eat a patbingsu I always wish they put in more of the chewy rice cakes inside, and this one only had about 5 - 8 of them.

Was the Homil Hodu patbingsu this summer's best? Nope....but it came pretty close. Let's hope I try some outside of my neighborhood next time.


  1. Something in that delicious concoction looks like corn flakes ??
    What are the basic ingredients again?!!

  2. Usually it is:
    - Shaved Ice
    - Sweet beans
    - COndensed milk
    - Corn flakes
    - Fruit
    - Ice cream
    - Syrup

    The rest is up to the creator.


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