Thursday, July 28, 2011

All This Idling Time

You finish work and you go home. What do you do? You should go to the gym and exercise. You should study Korean or do some painting.

Mostly what happens to me is that I sit back and think about my past. It's not just homesickness but the feeling that you are getting older and further away from everyone and everything in your past. Then you end up listening to a podcast and hear the following song by Adele. The rainy weather might be affecting me but generally sometimes my life in Korea makes me feel isolated and lonely. Maybe that is why I push so hard to get out on the weekend and why I am always reading other folk's blogs.

The truth is I yearn for my past but want to quickly jump into my future. Ah geez...must try not to get into that whirlpool of self-loathing.

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  1. ..."self-loathing"? That's rather harsh & cruel. Maybe it's just retrospection & reminiscing.... & living in such a "foreign" culture. (Round peg in square hole?)
    BE HERE NOW! LOVE is the answer....don't let fear creep in Joy!
    BE HERE NOW! Be grateful.....


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