Thursday, July 14, 2011

Samcheongdong Doesn't Get Old

 There are some nooks of Seoul that I consider to be my places that I can rely on for a good time. Such was the feeling when I went to Samcheongdong, with my friend last weekend. 

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Here we first meandered our way from Gwanghwamun, where I made that movie, over to the narrow cafe streets.

 You can see above there some natural clothes for sale, I was very enticed by the color and couldn't help but go home with one. Thought I need something snazzy shirt for my Jeju trip coming up.
For lunch we ate at the usual place I always seem to go to, which is a Chinese restaurant that servers mostly soup and noodles.

Samcheongdong, in my opinion is broken up into parts based upon the varying streets you have. "Street 1" would be the one right after Insadong, that you follow up from Anguk station. This one is quite narrow with many cafes and specialty shops. Then you have "street 2" which is the one beyond this where you hop over a semi-large street and up a little hill. Here are more cafes, clothing shops and what-not shops.

Overtime there the area has become more and more crowded and the shops have definitely changed. One place I thought had a great patbingsu, now just serves waffles. However, I like that Seoul is this kind of city that always seems to be in flux, because you not always find yourself in front of the same store twice. 

The Ice Gallery seems to be doing well and hasn't gone away in the year that I have known it to exist. (Located in the "Street 1" area)

Now we make our way into the "Street 2" area, which you know you are at if you approach it and come to this sort of "Y" in the road. You take a left and are hit by the various cafes and decor.
If you keep going past this narrow road you come to a much larger one with bigger cafes and restaurants. Here along the side of the path are narrow uphill ones that make for interesting pictures.

There are a lot of little hidden gems to discover in this area and I always walk away creatively satisfied.

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