Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mom Sent a Package

A while ago my mom sent a package with all sorts of stuff in it for JH and I. She mostly wanted to send him good wishes for his birthday, which was back in April.
Even Tom got in the act...

Last summer I visited my mom and JH got her a Starbucks mug with a Seoul logo on it. So it was fitting that she sent him a Florida Starbucks mug.
It's always fun to get a loving package from back home.

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  1. Ahhhh....ur welcome! Altho the postage is crazy expensive, or I'd be sending more packages!
    V. Nice to see the fotos. Thanx!

    (Grammar Roundup! "....all sorts of stuff in it for JH and I."
    should be:"......... for JH & me!")
    xxxxxxx oooooo


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