Sunday, July 17, 2011

Patbingsu Quest: Samcheongdong

Okay, so I am not completely sure what the title of this cafe is called but I am going to say it is "Rousseau and Rousseau". Maybe the name derives from Henri Rousseau who was a French painter of the post-impressionist style. Famous for his wildly colorful animal scenes:
Or perhaps the place is named after Jean-Jacques Rousseau known to be a philosopher amongst other talents. 

Whatever the reason for the naming of this cafe, we were enticed by it when we opened the door. Before hand we were on the hunt for a great patbingsu in this area, and came across a few options but turned them down. This cafe pulled us in by their comfy and casual atmosphere.

The choices of patbingsu on the menu included an espresso or a green tea one. I went for the green tea one since I can't stomach coffee.
It came in a large sized glass cup, with a mound of ice with milk and green tea at the bottom. On top were the usual sweet beans, along with a dollop of green-tea icecream and real tteok cake pieces.

The experience of eating this was one of having a mix of two flavors, that of bitterness and sweetness, coming together in harmony. I enjoyed how the strong taste of the green tea was subdued by the sweetness of the beans. However, I would have enjoyed crunchy bits which were missing.

All together this green-tea patbingsu was not bad and really felt original. Yet, it lacked a few things that I would have enjoyed.

Was it the best of the summer? It definitely hit a nail with being unique and also a different experience so it comes very close.

Have you ever had a green-tea patbingsu?


  1. Well.....
    1. Love the Rousenomau (thanx will use it!)
    2. Love the new banner (thanx for cheering things up!)
    3. Love your haircut! Now fluff the bangs out a bit & wear a more confident smile w/it! You look lovely & of course it's started to grow already! ;-)
    4. Never had green tea ice-cream, was it sweet like most ice-cream? What are the crunchy things it was missing? cookie bits, candy sprinkles?
    Well good luck on the quest!

  2. that was rousseau (before the glitch!)cr

  3. Thank you about the hair.

    It was missing corn flakes.

    It was not sweet...rather like a strong Japanese green tea - macha type and bitter. But still good. However, not my fav flavor of icecream.


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