Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Patbingsu Quest: Hongdae

It's still summer, despite the rain, and I am still on the hunt for a great patbingsu. You can go and check out my other finds here, here, and here. As you know I was in Hongdae a while ago, and I saw some great things. Next to that doll painting place was a little cafe called, Taiyaki Cafe and as you can see it had a big sign for patbingsu.

What is a Taiyaki place? Well it is a place that serves Japanese fish-shaped cake with the sweet bean filling inside. Certainly I wondered what we would get.

The interior was simple and designed in a cute manner with little fish here and there. There is that moment when the patbingsu comes out and you are full of wonder.
 I would definitely say that what was shown on the banner and what was served were completely different. Something tells me they only had bananas in the kitchen as their fruit. So what we were served was the usual shaved ice, milk, sweat beans, tteok candies and sliced bananas.

It was certainly refreshing but not exactly inventive, therefore I can't say this one is a winner.
Where will end up next? Will I ever find a truly superb patbingsu this summer? hmmm

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