Thursday, May 20, 2010

You Sunk My Battleship

The recent sinking of the Cheonan and now the announcement that it was North Korea's fault, makes for interesting conversations with my boyfriend (who is Korean, in case you didn't know).

For one, off the bat, we disagreed. Not on who did it but on how to deal with this situation. He is for retaliation, yet I am for the less invasive approach. After we got through the initial disagreements we analyzed the situation and both recognized that the ROK going to the UN is probably the best thing to do.

We both agreed that the Korean government is likely telling its citizens not the whole truth. Because, as an avid X-Files fan back in the 90's, I never learned to trust government.

Then somehow I turned the conversation over into the issue that this matter won't really be worth anything when in who-knows-how-long we (humans) will run out of water, fossil fuels and soy beans. That at some point we are all going to fight each other for a piece of land and iron.

We finally agreed it was bedtime.

So what is going to happen? All I can suggest is that if you are an expat here register yourself at your embassy, just in case. Also when talking about this with other Korean folks keep your opinions lite unless you are ready to back them up. ;)

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  1. You also might want to have a couple weeks worth of food and water ready in case something really does happen.


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