Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Boyfriend's Best Friend's Wedding

As you know last weekend was my one year anniversary with JH. We had something special planned but set it out for Sunday, since Saturday was his best friend's wedding.

If you haven't read about or been to a Korean wedding than boy are you missing out! They certainly are an entertaining and fascinating ritual to observe. For one they aren't what you would assume done in a traditional Asian style. Their full of flashing lights, loud music and a crowd of people who tend to not even pay attention.

I have been to a few Korean weddings so far and found this one to be the most sentimental. I guess mostly because I knew the bride and groom well, but also since there were a few personal touches added in. All right, well let's get to the pictures shall we.

I started taking pictures around the time when the bride and groom were getting ready to walk down the aisle. It took them a little while, because the flower girls weren't paying much attention.
The audience was waiting for the moment to get started.
What a cute couple!
Usually at the wedding hall there are staff members who make sure everything goes smoothly. Practically, whenever the bride made a move someone was behind her to smooth out her dress trail.
Finally, they walked down the aisle and even through a large heart shaped thing.

When they got to the end the priest talked a lot and I assume the two said "I do." But for the most part the audience was talking through it. The seated members seemed to be the most quiet, but there was a large crowd in the back that was chatty. When I first went to a wedding ceremony in Korea I couldn't grasp that people were talking and treating it like some big social event. Sure you socialize after the ceremony, but not during. Ah well, since everyone seemed okay with it, including the bride and groom I have come to the conclusion that it's just a part of it.
Then after the priest was finished speaking the couple's friends came up onto a stage and sang two songs for them. It was fun and a little silly but also very endearing. 

I put together this little video as en example of this moment.

After the singing the couple then proceeded with some traditional rituals such as bowing to the parents and cutting cake. Then finally they were finished and they walked back down the aisle, where friends and family were awaiting with poppers. 

We then sat around and relaxed while it was picture taking time. First, all the family members took a picture with the bride and groom, and then it was the friends and work associates. At that time JH and all his buddies left to participate. I stayed behind and admired the view.
After the pictures it was finally time for the buffet. Another typical aspect of Korean weddings is the buffet dinner afterward. I didn't get any pictures (oops!). But just imagine a buffet with a lot of Korean food, cakes and sushi. Yep you got it! The couple pays around 45,000 Won for each person who participates. Yet they get that money back because it is mandatory to make a money donation to their new life. 

The couple is now in the Philippines on their honeymoon and probably having a great time. They certainly had a lovely wedding and I wish them the best of luck in their new life together.


  1. Very interesting!
    Did you get your hair done for the occasion?!!
    A few corrections:
    It's a weddding dress TRAIN rather than trail!
    and you used "their" instead of "they're" somewhere in the post!
    tsk tsk....

    You next?!!
    Somehow I can't quite see you in a topless gown & all the glitz!

    more ;-) !!

  2. I know! I would rather have a hippy style wedding or a Korean traditional one. Hmmm ...nope I am not next anytime soon. :)

    I am getting a haircut soon.

  3. Yo Foreigner Joy! This is totally unrelated to wedding festivities~ but I wanted to let you know of a little bilingual arts magazine that's in the happs in Seoul. www.speakeasyseoul.com. Can you submit something for our next issue?!? Interested?!?

  4. Lizzie that sounds like fun. I wonder if my stuff would be hip enough haha

  5. Oh that's great Joy...submit a drawing that you've done in Seoul....!!

  6. I'm sure you're hip enough!!! It doesn't have to be Seoul centric either! That's just where we produce the magazine :) Have a great weekend~


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