Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Wednesday

Last Wednesday was Children's Day here in Korea and I it was my final day off for the May mini-vacation. I hiked it up all the way to JH's neighborhood, which by the way takes 2 hrs by public transit. First I caught a bus then transferred twice to the subway.

I figured I owe JH for all the times he has come and visited me down here in Suji, although he does have a car and gets here quicker.

Anyways, we met up and first looked around for some place to eat near the Kyunghee University area. The last time I was in this area was with my ex and I knew of a good Indian restaurant. We found it and had a yummy lunch. Then we walked around the campus area and admired the flowers and scenery.
We walked up a steep hill to come to a cathedral looking lecture hall, on the way we caught this picture since my shirt matched the purple in the flowers. (By the way, that skirt is one of the items I got in Myeongdong at a Korean shop.)
We went back down and hung out in a tree grove where there were some students playing guitar and rehearsing some kind of dance. I didn't get any pictures, though.

Afterward, we headed to JH's house and the only picture I was allowed to take was from the outside. He was too embarrassed for me to take pictures inside. I am assuming because his home is really small or that he just wants to keep that stuff private.
He lives in what they call a "villa", which are usually 2-3 stories and compartmentalized to fit many people. Although his house is small I enjoyed resting on his bed and watching him play a video game. I can't help but imagine that he dreams of living someplace bigger, though.

Well that was a lovely Wednesday and this weekend was nice too. (Updates to come).

Work Update:
Work has been okay, I guess. We are starting to plan for summer camp, which they increased to 3 weeks this year. But we have a lot of time to make it fun so we have come up with good ideas. As for the daily grind of work I am just trying not to let all the bullshit and nuances get to me. I realized that my life would be a lot better if I didn't worry so much about what they think...etc. But, of course, I am still trying to be nice and cooperative with everyone.

The warm weather and greener scenery just puts me in a chipper mood, anyways, so that has been helping. :)


  1. The magenta flowers are azaelas!
    We had enormous bushes in front of our house in Waldo! Dad would remember that.

    I was surprised that the Univ. buildings in your fotos are so classical Western style structures!!

  2. What a pretty area...need to go check it out. After having most of last week off, I just want to stay on vacation especially after getting sick again.


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