Sunday, May 23, 2010

Attack the Gas Station 2

Looking for something fun to watch? Want it to be Korean? Well then look no further because I have a movie recommendation just for you!

It is called, "Attack the Gas Station 2", which is a sequel to the 1999 hit movie of the same name (주유소 습격사건). 

First of all let me give you some advice on how to rent movies in Korea. What you need to do is find your local DVD/Book rental shop in your neighborhood. Usually these are small places with a sign in front "DVD" "Rental". Actually, that might not be the best advice since you could end up walking into a DVD Bang, which is a completely different thing. Sorry I should take a picture of the one near my area.

Anyways, what you do is sign up at front giving them your phone number and alien-card number. Then you deposit about 10,000 Won. You rent based on a debit system.

Okay back to the movie!

This is a comedy movie that will deliver not only laughs but cultural benefits. For one it takes a look into the mundane yet odd business of Korean gas stations. If you have never been to Korea then you are probably wondering what could be so interesting about a gas station.

Let me tell you something they definitely have their quirks. For starters very rarely do the drivers pump their own gas. Instead you just pull into the station and a "gas-boy" comes up to you and asks how much then pumps in the gas for you. They take your payment and return with a freebie or a receipt. It's quirky because the whole process is different from the west, where we park our cars get out and pump our own gas and go inside the mini-mart to pay or buy something. Also these "gas-boys" work when it is freezing cold outside. The freebies are usually a pack of tissues or some water. But now and then you can get a bonus item like laundry soap or gum.

In the movie they take the setting of a gas-station and turn it upside down as the movie develops.

Ah yes the story!

This is a sequel, but I didn't see the first movie. However, you don't have to because it pretty much follows its own path.

It’s been 10 years since Mr. Park’s gas station was attacked by the No Mark motorcycle gangs. To get his revenge, Park (Park Yeoung-gyoo) hires a quartet of dodgy boys: ... But these employees turn out to be more dangerous when they demand their overdue salaries.
That's the synopsis from this site, but I can tell you there is a heck of a lot more. First what you have is a young group of kids trying to smash apart the gas station, but then they encounter the "gas-boy" thugs.
The "gas-boys" wrangle up the kids and put them upstairs in the managers office. The young gang know about a larger gang that has been reeking havoc on the manager's gas station, and so the manager comes up with a plot to ploy the larger gang into a trap.

But wait there's more! They set the young gang to work at the station, which ends up for some comical scenes. In one incident they accidently fill up a bus with gasoline instead of diesel. The bus is full of convicts, who end up seeking revenge on the gas station.

What you get are several fight scenes to an ending which was worth all the slapstick comedy and typical comic-relief from a Korean movie. Also this movie comes complete with gas-station girl dancers.

But don't take my word for it, check out this trailer.




  1. Joy we used to get our gas pumped for us here in the U.S. it was called "full service"....that went away maybe in the late 1970s ?? when you'd have a choice of "self serve" or "full service" for more money of course! And then it just disappeared period.
    The movie looks like alot of fun.
    Did it have English sub-titles?


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