Saturday, May 8, 2010

Myeongdong Hypnosis

Shopping in Seoul's Myeongdong district is not for the faint of heart. Not only is it typically super crowded but you also get a few surprises here and there. For example, the picture above is of a cosmetic store using gentlemen wearing a mask of a pop-star to lure in customers. They were found parading around the area.

I went shopping last Tuesday, a day I had off from work, to get some summer clothes. Particularly I needed new bottoms as my waist has (ahem) expanded a bit over the winter. Also there is a new H&M store that recently opened. Unfortunately, I was too excited shopping to take pictures. But I can assure you, ladies, that the H&M in Seoul is well worth whatever amount of time it would take you to get there. The prices and selection were very reasonable, along with the sizes and cut of the clothes. (If you have ever bought a shirt or dress from a side-street Korean brand store you would know what I am talking about).

I ended up shopping at both H&M and Forever 21. I would say that Forever 21 had a much larger selection but their prices were definitely higher.

Here for you are a few of the things I bought.
I found this little number at Forever 21 for about 29,000 Won. Since I know this shows too much shoulder and back I bought what I call a "modesty sweater" to cover up.
Actually, I was really puzzled about this. Both Forever 21 and H&M had typical sleeveless dresses and shirts, which if I wore back home I wouldn't worry at all about showing some skin. But over here you can see Korean gals buttoned up to the collar in the summer. Sure they wear skirts that are extremely short, but usually up top they are still very modest. So I wondered if maybe I was wrong about my conservative assumptions about Korea and could wear these garments or if I still needed to cover up. I went with the cover up theory, since JH tends to be shocked when he sees westerners bearing their skin.

This long shirt came from H&M for about 27,000 Won. I like the shirt/dress trend and really wanted to pick up on that this season. I also bought a pair of black capris from the same store, but have already worn them and so they are in the laundry basket.

Usually I don't enjoy shopping since I usually get all flustered what is the best price and look. But this time around I really enjoyed myself and just spent the money instead of worrying about it. Maybe it had something to do with the way Myeongdong is so hypnotic and just sucks you into a shopping mood.

In the end, I feel good knowing I can find my size and style in Korea. :)

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  1. The weirdest part isn't that the men are all wearing Kim Hyun Joong masks....but that they are holding a sign that says " I love you TonyMoly" Japanese...+ girls taking their photos with them (although I probably would too...)


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