Friday, May 14, 2010

May is a Good Month

I would like to honor the month of May in this post, because it seems a time when there are good things happening.

School: Had lots of days off already and since the kids have testing, sports, and field trips there are no-classes days where I get to take a rest.

Home: Spring cleaning (as I mentioned earlier). The warm weather puts me in an upbeat mood. Even on the rainy spring days I feel good. The view out my window is now greener. I plugged in the fan, which to my surprise came with a remote control. 

Korea: There are flowers everywhere (well probably not on every square-inch) and people seem to be in a more gentle and kind mood. Festivals are happening all around Korea and in Seoul, actually making it hard to figure out which thing to go to.

May just seems like a month where everyone and everything has finally broken out of its winter cave. I know as things turn into June and July that the air will get hotter and stickier, but I don't mind.

Already my wardrobe has almost completely turned itself over to the warmer weather clothing.

Hmmm, I still need to find a new pair of summer shoes.

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  1. LUV your plants....sometimes they need bigger pots & more soil for their roots to expand & not be bound. Usually let 'em dry out before giving more water, unless they're the type that could live in water only. They usually like being sprayed with water, except African Violets ALWAYS water from underneath.
    And....stop wearing maternity looking tops, even if that's the young woman wear trend!


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