Monday, April 21, 2008

Packing up

Packing, I think, is almost a therapeutic exercise. You get to go through all the stuff you have accumulated and saved over the years. Doing so you run across things you wonder why you are holding onto. For example plates and bowls that don't match you have packed into a box, miss matching socks. In my living room I have two piles forming. One pile is for donation, the other is what I am keeping at my Dad's house. Thankfully the donation pile is larger than the 'keep' pile.

During packing you can experience some genuine moments of mania.

Here I am inside my old stereo's box. If you recall those huge stereos that were popular in the late 90's than you know what is going on here. I thought I would pack it up inside this box but Bo Kwan politely suggested to me that I shouldn't waste my energy. So I ended up chucking the box.

Well I am getting down to the bare bones here. Trying to make sure I don't take oo much with me to Korea, which is hard because I am a natural pack-rat.


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