Saturday, April 19, 2008

Everyone wants to be an aspiring Geologist...right?

One secret you may not know about me is that I tend to become really excited about Geology. If you happen to be the lucky one to accompany me to an outdoor setting in the mountains you may hear me spout out what kind of bedrock is lying about. Actually you don't even need to catch me in the mountains sometimes I tend to tell whoever is with me what kind of marble or granite someone plastered onto a wall. (That picture is of granite, in fact you can find it in the mall near my house.) Therefore, I am a bit excited to be going to a new land where I will have the opportunity to see geology in a different part of the world. But before I go I think it would be wise to do my homework.

The website informs in their geology section "that Korea is a mountainous peninsula" and "The east coast shows typical features of an uplifted topography, chiefly a relatively straight shoreline, whereas the west coast has the features of a submerging shoreline."

Unless you are a geological enthusiast like I am, I bet you are probably beginning to nod off at this post.

So let me just say what I think will be points of interest for my geological tastes.

  • Jeju Island: Was created by volcanic activity. Therefore it will have lava tubes, caves and a lot of black rocks.

  • Osaek Hot Springs: The only springs I have been to were in Florida and they were not hot, but rather cool...which is was Florida. Going to this place is said to be good for "...stomach-ailments, anemia, and neuralgia." I think I will want to go there...but I have not clue how close it is to Seoul

In general, it looks like Korea offers up mountainous terrain with granite and gniess rock, lava tubes, caves and hot springs.

I look forward to making it out to some of these places and reporting back on the geology I see.

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