Monday, April 7, 2008

Bye bye iMac (Countdown day number 46)

46 Days remaining.

Today I sold my iMac. It was kind of sad to see the thing go, because it is a really nice machine and had a great widescreen. But I can't haul the thing to Korea. Plus getting some cash for it will help me pay off the debt I used to purchase it last year.Here I am willingly saying good bye to my iMac. We had some good times! Sniff--sniff.


I have been preparing myself more and more for going to Korea, especially mentally. I am reminding myself that everything is going to be a mystery and just roll with it.

I went to Bo Kwan's hotel yesterday and it was a nice little place tucked away near the Hilton. It felt really good to be somewhere else than my room for once. Also Bo Kwan had cable in his room and I spent a good deal watching Top Chef and Top Model, along with the Bridges of Madison .... which I saw the beginning and end to, not the looks good.

Okay well just winding down before I dive into another week of work at the insurance company. Working still kind of brings me down but I know I need the $, so I get by.

Allright take care,


  1. It's Bo Kwan & ME.....not I

    Would you say this is a picture of I? Rather "This is a picture of ME."

    Remember you're going to Korea to teach ENGLISH!

  2. Hi Mom!!

    You know I really appreciate your grammar corrections and for this blog I will take them more to heart. Also I will go back and edit what you see needs help.



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