Saturday, April 12, 2008

The End is Near!


Perhaps this will be a frequent series on this blog. Because lately and I don't know if you have noticed, there have been a lot of news about how this and that is going to become instinct or scarce.

Take for example today's news on the BBC News. Rice is becoming a precious commodity along with wheat and soy. Take a moment to think about what is in your pantry. Maybe you don't have a sack of rice sitting in there but I bet a lot of the products that are sitting on your shelves have ingredients that include: wheat, soy or rice. I for one am guilty of this too. But really we are not to blame for buying such products. The finger should be pointed towards what is happening to our world's food supply on the global scale.

For example, the BBC article states:

"Land for producing rice and irrigation water is being lost to industrialisation and urbanisation. "

"The growing appetite among Asia's burgeoning urban middle class, especially in India and China, for meat and dairy products is also leading to less land for rice production."

"Factors such as the flooding in Indonesia and Bangladesh and recent cold weather in Vietnam and China have also hurt production, it said. "


When I come upon articles like these I can't help but see that image of the old man holding a sign on the street that says "The End is Near!" If you are an Evangelist than maybe this is good news for you. But really what am I to do about the running out of our precious food resources? Should I buy less? Should I buy from only companies that support its communities in its Asian Countries? Heck, will this mean that when I go to Korea and need to buy a sack of rice it is going to cost me $$$? Not that a sack of rice is cheap here...maybe $12-$18 for a 10lb bag. (I don't know really).

Here's my opinion:

Humans are a species that knows how to survive. Heck we are surviving in the face of AIDS and the Bird Virus. (well not everyone, I guess). But in essence no matter how much we f***k up the planet we will learn and adapt so that in the end we can keep on having babies and investing in stock.

Seriously it isn't the planet we should be considering saving it should be ourselves. Look I know this sounds cynical. But sometimes that is the kind of mood I get in when I start hear about all this. Especially living in the Bay Area you can't help but be thwarted by the onslaught of "Save-this" "stop-that". Of course, I also feel it is important to stop buying a ton of plastic products that are just thrown away. I guess it is the part where these do-gooders tell me I am a wrong-doer for buying my food at Safeway and not Whole Foods.

Okay, okay...

(Deep breath). Enjoy your rice tonight or tomorrow because eventually someone down the line is going to look back at this time period and think "Ah those 21st Century people didn't know what was coming."

And now your moment of Zen:

*Love me*


  1. i eat rice like everyday.i'll die if there's no rice.he


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