Thursday, April 17, 2008

Teach English in Korean Countryside?

Apparently the Korean administration has plans to offer foreign teachers the opportunity to teach English in the rural parts of Korea. The Korea Times article Recruitment Starts for English Teachers for Rural Areas mentions the new program TaLK.

This looks as if it is a government scholarship program and is executed in a different manner than how private schools hire teachers.

After reading through the article my impression is that this program is meant to implement a greater impact of English in the rural areas of Korea, due to that most English-expat Teachers prefer to teach near modern society (i.e. Seoul). Since teaching in rural areas is an unpopular choice for some, it seems they have made the benefits of the job the major selling point.

  • You teach after school classes. Working hours are Monday to Friday (5 days a week/ 3 hours per day) and are not required to work on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays of the Republic of Korea. Wow! Hmmm now giving up a flushing toilet is starting to sound more plausible.

  • Not only do you work just 3hrs a day but you still get paid for it. 1.5 Won per month or about $1400 USD. On top of which you get housing allowance and a free plane ride.

  • Extras like 'Korean Government Scholarship' certificate will be presented to each participant. Fancy paperwork that you can pin up inside your free-rent shack

But seriously people I don't know what rural Korea looks like. From the Korean Dramas and Movies I have seen I am sure it offers beautiful scenery and that back-to-nature goodness.

I think that if I had a choice for this program while I was searching for schools to teach in Korea, I would have hesitated at the opportunity. Mostly because I need to be near modern hospitals that supply my modern medicine. Therefore, visiting the Korean countryside will be more of my way of getting a taste of rural South Korea.

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